An Akashic Clearing is a journey to the center of your Being where everything you have been looking for has been hidden, just waiting for you to unlock the door.

The Akashic Library contains the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation. It is where the Book of our Life is written and is buried deep within our subconscious.

It is deep, vast, and unexplored.

Just like the Ocean, diving deep can be overwhelming.  But the key to living in your power and your most authentic self is being courageous enough to explore these depths of your subconscious. 

Our subconscious mind has stored every thought, word, deed, action and memory throughout every lifetime.  It has absorbed everything, with no boundaries or discrimination.  It is an infinite storage unit but can become very cluttered and heavy over the course of many lifetimes. 

Do we really need those psychic wounds from a battle we fought many lifetimes ago?  Do we need to fear our intuitive and psychic abilities?  What causes the same patterns and negative programs to keep repeating themselves?  And more importantly, what wisdom and other treasures have been buried deep beneath all this clutter, just waiting to be remembered?

During a Clearing I use a pendulum and various charts to connect with your Higher Self which assists me in “seeing” where you are being called.  What energies are wishing to be expressed?  What energies are needing to be released?

When these energies are fully released a deep sense of peace replaces the previous chaos and you are reawakened to your ultimate life purpose.

Readings are available in person, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

45-60 minute Reading