During my most recent journey to Glastonbury, England (2018), I heard a tale I have never heard before.  It was a story about the Maidens of the Well, the Holy Grail and a broken Fairy Accord. 

What Sacred Chalice did the Well Maidens offer? What was the liquid it held and what did it reflect?  What happened to cause the  Maidens to retreat back into the Other Worlds. Were there Dragons that retreated along with them? 

Does this stir a deep remembering within you or does it stir many questions that you have longed to explore? I offer a ceremony where the Tale is told, and where initiations are made. 

With each initiation the participant is gifted a vial of Sacred Water gathered from wells, springs, rivers and lakes from around the world.  You will become a Sacred Water Bearer. Through song, chant and poem you will be called to sing the Well Maidens back from the Other Worlds.

If you would like to join me in this ceremony of restoration please contact me. I am available for travel or can recommend venues in Sedona, Arizona.