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In 2002 I visited Glastonbury, England for the first time and my world was dramatically altered.  I began an intense journey of initiation, healing and remembering.  I was led to work with the healing energies of this Land that is also known as the Isle of Avalon.

Doors began opening that I did not even know existed and “keys” were handed to me through people, places and things.  I was flooded with ancient wisdom calling back all the pieces of myself that had scattered over many lifetimes.

Since then I have returned 8 times, each journey opening me more and more to the worlds beyond this existence and have helped people awaken to their authentic selves and their spiritual path. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States offering Clearings, insight and assistance for those awakening to their ultimate life purpose.

 I have performed Water Ceremonies and Priestess Ceremonies at sacred sites throughout the many Lands that have called me home. It is always my intention to bring joy, wisdom and experience to all of my sessions.  I work with those new to the spiritual path as well as the Masters that are now awakening.

I now live in Sedona, Arizona and bridge these many powerful worlds in my own unique way. It is with the grace and blessing of the Ancient Ones that I am able to do this.



 "I can wholeheartedly vouch for Susan's Akashic Clearings.  The very night she did a clearing for me I had a bit of a meltdown and released a lot of emotional baggage.  But the next day I felt a tremendous shift and clear for the first time in months!!!!!  So, her work is just amazing, and I would recommend her to everyone!  Thank you so much for this sacred work Susan, you don't know how much this has helped me".

Heidi C., WES Founder, England


"Susan's healings are marvelous!  She has done some work on me and also on my relationship with my future husband which has really worked wonders."

Michelle McH., England


"Wow...what can I say except thank you.  Waves of release....THANK YOU!  I am indeed free and at peace and in love and to see whatever happens next....consciously and intellectually I don't know about what you speak...and yet somehow I know it all to be so and it is good...."

Pamela G., Wales


"Oh my gosh!  Susan!  I can not thank you enough!  Reading about what you "did" to me makes me feel better instantly!  The clearings you have done on me have given me immediate relief and a sense of calm and empowerment.  You really know what you are doing!  Thank you.   

Tina W., Nevada


"Susan has a deep and enthusiastic dedication to her work and I have found her clearings to be detailed and powerful.  I have found in my own personal and professional work that Akashic Clearings can be an excellent adjunct to other forms of healing, including allopathic medicine, psychotherapy, the array of bodywork therapies, it seems to amplify and enhance the efficacy of all form of re-balancing.  I highly recommend Susan's work to anyone who is seeking a way  to accelerate their healing journey.

Sandra W., Oregon


"Susan did a long distance clearing with me and it was just as powerful as having her in the same room.  I  feel as though I have been living in a tiny room full of stuff for years and just recently I got rid of most of my stuff and moved into a 10,000 sq foot room.  She helped me feel freer and lighter.  I also noticed more colors were added to my aura.  I feel hopeful and excited about my future".

Shelda L., Texas


Oh my goodness Susan, what a gift you gave me!  I am feeling so much lighter and at peace since our session yesterday, thank you so very much!  I recorded it and have listened to it again and again! 

I had a rest after talking to you, then went to the river and stood in the water, put my hands in, and felt all those old blocks flowing away.  I really do feel renewed!  Much gratitude and reverence,

Marilyn W.,  Canada