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The Old Bones are awakening.  The Ancient Ones are calling.  They are asking for communication and to speak to us through their language.  This is the language of the Runes.

 I am a Rune Worker and Emissary.  I have been called upon by my ancestors to walk this path and to sing the Runes through the Holy Winds to open up the Nine Worlds.

 Each Rune contains its own vibration and when chanted offers a key that unlocks its mysteries.  It is an ancient portal that contains many layers and a vast field of knowledge.  It is an equal balance of male and female energies and sings of harmony, or dis-harmony.

In choosing a Rune Reading you are asking for advice and knowledge from a very ancient form of divination. You will be asked to cast, or toss, the Rune Stones and in return their messages will be revealed.

I offer three different types of Rune Reading: Rune casting and divination; shamanic journey with the Runes using the vibration and sound of the drum to detect what is out of balance, health issues or a particular situation that needs to be addressed; a reading of your name using the Runes to discover the symbols and vibration that your name carries. If you are thinking of changing your name how does that change your energy field? The shamanic journey or name reading include written reports.

Please feel free to call or send a message to discuss which Reading best suits your current needs.